With XCITO Excavators… You Can Do It All!

XCITO excavators in action


Trenching, digging, ditching, grading – A bucket for every job…You can do it all!


Drilling for post holes or planting trees – up to 24” roots ball…You can do it all!

Lifting heavy objects with XCITO pickup truck excavators


Loading you trailer with mulch or logs, lifting the eighteen wheeler’s rim and tire on the side on the highway… You can do it all!


The ancillary hydraulic function will allow you to use a grapple, a concrete breaker, stump grinder…You can do it all!


Essential and universal attachment of the excavator. For any digging, grading or ditch cleaning.

  • Digging

  • Grading

  • Ditch Cleaning


The Hydraulic power auger, another classic for setting up fence posts, road signs or trees.

  • Digging Fence Post

  • Foundation Work

  • Stump Removal


Material handling becomes possible with grapplers. Loading mulch, gravel or logs in trailers could not be easier.

  • Loading Materials

  • Moving Materials


The Hydraulic trencher will help you bury the irrigation water lines or electric cables for outdoor hardscaping in minutes.

  • Digging water lines

  • Laying Electric Cabling

  • Outdoor Hardscaping


Combined with the digging force of the excavator, the power of hydraulic jack hammer will handle stair case, patio and brick wall demolition in no time.

  • Landscaping Demo Work

  • Road Work