Trenching, digging, ditching, grading – A bucket for every job…You can do it all!

Using XCITO pickup truck excavators for drilling projects


Drilling for post holes or planting trees – up to 24” roots ball…You can do it all!


Loading you trailer with mulch or logs, lifting the 18 wheelers rim and tire on the side on the highway… You can do it all!


The ancillary hydraulic function will allow you to use a grapple, a concrete breaker, stump grinder…You can do it all!

Example of XCITO pickup truck excavators

See Our Pickup Truck Excavator In Action

Our first demo video is out! Follow link to watch.

Why Choose XCITO Excavators?

3200 lb/f on the Back of the 0.5 T Truck

Swift Transportation and Quick Onsite Setup

Available When You Need It

Reduced Maintenance and Ownership cost

Multiple Functions

Width55.1 “
EngineHonda Twin 25 HP
Hydraulic Flow4.8 GPM
Hydraulic Pressure2650 psi
Turret Rotation360°
Max. Digging Force (Bucket)3237 lbf
Max. Crowd Force (Arm)1371 lbf
Dump Height80”
Max. Digging Depth 113”
Max. Reach125”
Swing Tail25.02”
Operating weight1628 lbs
Counter Weight 135 lbs
Diagram of XCITO pickup truck excavators
Installation of XCITO pickup truck excavators
Installation images for XCITO pickup truck excavators

Easy Installation


Xcito bucket
Xcito Auger
Xcito ripper
Xcito gripper
Xcito trencher
Xcito breaker